Announcing the next chapter of Small Town Coffee:

We’re putting it all into a bus and moving down the road. Starting in September, you can find us in a red bus in the Kojima’s parking lot. Same great coffee and tea. Same fresh baked pastries. Same good humor and attention to detail. Same ice cold bevies. Same tables and chairs. Same plants. Same regular customers. Same you. But now, it’s on wheels.

The Skinny:

We decided to not renew the lease that was offered to us. We happened to have an extra bus, our equipment fits, and voila! We’ll be at Kojima’s until we find the perfect spot for Small Town Coffee and Blue House Booksellers. We’re excited about our gypsy phase and pleased to focus on what we do best: coffee, pastries, and community. Thanks, Kauai, for following us around. We love what we do and we love seeing your smiling faces.

Moving day is Sunday afternoon, August 31, if you’re interested in helping. And we’ll see you open for business as soon as all our inspections clear and we’re certified. Check social media for updates: Facebook and Instagram.

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